Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You know what I think?

I warned you, now here is where it begins. I give away huge, money making ideas to anyone reading my words. You may have forgotten that several years before American Idol, I suggested the television networks bring back the talent contest as a way to lower their budgets and give new artists a format. Okay, so they created a reality nightmare for most of us but still there is a huge section of the viewing public happy with the idea.

Now I take it to the next level. With the onslaught of reality television, we have all lost the great talents of new and creative script writers coming out of universities and crafting words with images in a tradition to follow Orson Wells, Stephen King and Ron Howard?. Where are the opportunities for those great, quirky minds like Dave?

Reality TV meets the script writer! With the use of the easily available recording technology, contestants submit 3-minute shorts for the first round of the contest. As per the usual format (I guess because I don't watch), there are judges and audience voting to select a group into the next round- a 20 minute short story allowing 4 stories in a 2-hour program. A finalist round with one month of hour long programs searching for the seasons best new series is the result. There is it in a nutshell, the new reality show to foster wordsmiths and play-writes before they are lost to our language and our creative culture.

Feel free to pass this great idea into the universe where I feel sure it will find it's home. Now you all keep creating new universes or at least new realities out there.

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