Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Gloom? Not Really!

I KNOW it is tiresome - all this complaining about the weather but 49 degrees in the morning is getting really old! Still, that seeems the only thing to complain about so life can't be too bad. There has been lots of entertainment already in June.

We started the month with a bridal/wine shower for Barb. It was great fun for us and Barb gathered a great stash of great wine. I was able to bring loads of peonies from the peonie farm at the top of Tulin. I have always wanted to get huge boquets there so it was a dream come true and they were beautiful!
Kyrsa created a cocktail for the evening- the BAB'S. It is a blond martini with vodka, blackberry vodka, a splash of vanilla liqueur and a lime twist. The martinit got the party off to a agreat start with everyone in the mood to remember Barb's past and celebrate her into a great new future. There were pictures from age 3 to the present with all the hair styles to bring back time. Kodachrome may be gone but those pieces of paper remain- it begs the question about remembering this present into the future when images are erased or inaccessable with each new machine. We have a hard time learning from the past as it is- what will happen when the past becomes only that which matches each new technology. Sometimes it is a helpful perspective to make time stand still and reflect upon the moments we have survived- we then realize the worth of the little steps we make every day.

But time marches on, or so we maintain. I, on the other hand, marched directly into the past after the shower. Anita and I drove back to Spokane. I spent 3 days at the lake, doing some sewing projects in the rain, weeding and hacking in the sun and kayaking when the wind stopped blowing. As you can see, nothing much has changes at the lake and that is all good. The wasps were buzzing already and I was tempted to reach out the upstairs window with a pole to knock off hornets nests but fought the temptation! I only checked out the eves and sprayed foam into holes. I know you will all be relieved to hear that things are relativly unchanged in Rathdrum as well. We are especially happy to have the hardware store back so all the repair projects can be handled more quickly, thereby giving even less time to think about our actions before we run in and do something stupid. It is good to know the universie is working with us to continue on the

path to independent problem solving.

So, there it is, the first weeks of June with the hope that all summer is filled with the same level of celebration and reflection. I head to Seattle this morning for a day with my sisters. Lynne is free wheeling- so to speak- with no leg braces and no walking aides other than the little cane Linda gave her. We are all hoping her x-ray next week finds bone growth and avoids the bone graft surgery but at least this last month has provided her with a little more movement and activity. She is sure learning patience! Lynne and I are meeting Barb for lunch. As she is a married lady now, I expect she will be much more refined.

Wishes for a great day to everyone. Enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables around you and pick flowers for the table where ever you can find them (maybe the maighbor is on  vacation?)

Mama Llama

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