Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays Traditions

Fall Colors in the Northwest

Thanksgiving is long past and the Christmas holiday is in full swing. Here in Kingston traditions remain intact and enjoyed. Kingston Hardware had "Ladies Night" with fiddle music and food for all- such a funny event! The lights are up around Tulin Road and the pictures tell it all. Pictures tell more that my words about the traditions of Christmas on Tulin  Road. Still I am prompted to add words because Christmas is such a personal and community occasion. In the past I occupied myself with the projects of Christmas to recreate my childhood fantasies in my own adult life. I wanted my children to enjoy the enthusiasm and fun I remembered. Now children are out of the house but still I go on. Why? I  never really ask myself this question because I always know the answer. I really enjoy all of the parts of Christmas that I put in my Christmas box!

I love putting up decorations that I have seen for 35 years and counting.

I love the mystery of choosing a tree and seeing it become a Christmas tree when I set it up in the house.

I love going out on a carefully chosen, rainless day to gather greens for wreaths and assembling them slowly while I listen to a book on tape.

I love looking at old recipes to find the favorite, old cookies to bake.

I love the creative challenge of  trying out ideas for a Christmas card to send to friends and family. Some cards go to friends I seldom see and talk to only annually, through a card. Recalling the past moments of shared lives makes those cards especially precious.

I even love assembling my collection of little gifts into piles to see who gets what and making gifts bags to hold them. Sometime I worry "is this the right gift?" but I try not to. I love that old feeling of the Christmas tradition- when we are given the gift of sharing ourselves with others. Most of all, I have learned only to do the things I love without putting too many expectations  upon myself. I listen to Christmas music, watch old Christmas movies and rejoice that now we are on the road back to summer.

So, enjoy this holiday in the way you WANT to celebrate you own life and love ones. Have Fun!
Love to all,
Mama Llama