Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Live from New York...

Hello from New York!

This is the first post I have made on the road. I am at Erin's apartment in Brooklyn writing on her old laptop.I feel very independent since I am here all alone. Erin headed to Portland this afternoon for a work meeting and I head home tomorrow afternoon. Until then I am on my own in the big city.

I have had a great vacation. Getting away always gives new energy and new perspectives. I hadn't even seen the news until this evening. I hate to pass on the bad news that the New York doormen are heading to strike and may not be turning up for work tomorrow. Thankfully I will be able to come and go without a problem.

Beyond the concerns of homeowners on the upper East-.side, New York has been great. I had a wonderful visit with Carol and Jim. Avon was celebrating Spring in the very best way-trees in bloom and tulips in all hues. Carol and I walked and talked as we always love to do. We ended our visit with a short stop at the Museum in Hartford. Carol gave me her tour of the best works there. It is GREAT art museum.

I was so inspired by Hartford that I made this a vacation of museums. Friday night I met Erin after work and we checked out the Biennial at the Whitney. It was really a great collection including the last years of Biennials and this years new collection. Sunday we stopped in at the Neue Gallery- a post modern German collection in an old mansion that was originally the home of Cornelius Vanderbilt III. Otto Dix was the featured exhibition along with lots of Klimt. It was very interesting and impressive. After a walk through Central Park we headed to MOMA for a look at an incredible exhibit of photojournalism spanning the 1930's through the 1970's with people on the streets of nations all over the world during the everyday life as well as during the dramatic events of the times. We also took in a great Picasso exhibit there. So much more but we only had a certain amount of artistic curiosity so we headed home for wine and dinner.

My entire visit has not been museums. Saturday there was fun in the lower East side then dinner at home with Jenni. Jenni was great. She is creating a wonderful and exciting project and I loved hearing her share about it. We had a very easy but delicious dinner. After buying artichoke stuffed gnocchi in a pasta specialty store, the hard work was making salad and sauce. That meant all the more time for visiting and wine.

Monday I explored and corners of Brooklyn from Crown Hill to Park Slope. You would think that with all this walking I would be able to find my way around New York and Brooklyn like a native. You would not know me though- I still have a hard time orienting myself and tend to turn the wrong way when ever I can. All the more fun.

SO, there you have the story of a great week exploring and relaxing and sharing. Now I head back home to garden projects, blanket weaving and school classes. Not much for me to complain about at all. So love to you all,
Mama Llama

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm off!

It is early Monday morning and I am off to New York to visit Erin. I start the journey at Lynne's with a visit to the doctor then catch an early flight tomorrow morning. This weekend was a whirl wind of activity in the garden and some last minute packing. I always take too much when I pack in a hurry but...oh well.

I arrive Tuesday evening then Wednesday morning head to Avon for a visit with Carol and Jim. It will only be an overnight but will include lots of good visiting and nice times. Maybe a visit to the art museum as it has been awhile since we were last there. I am planning a visit to MOMA also- I haven't been there for awhile and the last visit was a run through.

I can't promise to post while traveling but I will talk to you soon. Call on the cell if you need my wisdom or just want to chat.

Mama Llama

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week Happenings

Really, Colin said it all in pictures. Having him here with Alex in tow made the day more fun than any day should be. Wrestling, poking and dyeing Easter Eggs too!

But everyone has gone home, leaving me with wind and rain as company. All my plans for gardening and catching up with the weeds have been put aside because of the cold weather. Instead, I am spinning and trying to finish up the last 4 blankets before the warm weather returns. Then I can enjoy garden work.

As I spin, my mind wanders into territory that usually remains hidden. I see into the future and find problems to solve there, rather than deal with today's mundane reality. I still want a bi-weekly classroom survey asking 12 multiple choice questions about student descriptions of their own success in school, home work completion and reasons for all. I want a study done for an entire year with the same set of question repeated every 2 weeks. It might lead to a different level of performance by students and a better understanding by teachers of what lies behind these problems. SO there is my "meandering " during spinning. Now will someone in the universe please get to work.

I also solve a practical problems-like what to do as the chicks get bigger and outgrow the gerbil cage?
Here is the answer! So many uses for a car-top carrier... The chicks went crazy this afternoon with all the room . They are still in the corner of the kitchen because it is way too cold outside for their little bodies. I have chicken wire over the top so they can't start cruising the sun-room for bugs but maybe I should let them out occasionally to hunt. If only they didn't poop every 10 seconds.

So for now Spring is indoors- little plants starting in the sun-room and chicks in the kitchen. Just typical northwest weather. We know we will have warm days again. When they do surprise us, we will run outside to appreciate every ray. Enjoy the sunshine where you find it this spring and all the adventures that lay ahead.
Mama Llama

Easter Friends

By great luck, easter in seattle. by sunday, the rain and wind had been tamed and mom had protected the candy bowl long enough for jelly beans and peeps to join delicious salads, champagne, chocolates and cheeses at Lynne's.