Monday, October 31, 2011

Can a small town girl make it in the big city?

What is That! Why did she put that picture there? Because I want you to guess at what has been going on in Kingston.

Actually, October has been a pretty busy month. We had a great trip to San Diego, which I know you have all heard about. The wedding in La Jolla was an event of a lifetime. Joyous and amazing but really- I was lucky to survive it without a major fiasco. We had lots of nice visiting with Ralph and Judy, then back home to fall in the Northwest.

Here we have had a particularly nice autumn, to make up for the rest of the years weather experiences; lots of dry days and even sunshine to get things ready for the upcoming La Nina winter (as though I actually believe anything the weather people predict). I have done some plant moving and additions for the coming spring and summer. Of course, I see lots more but am moving indoors now for a rest from dirt under my fingernails. I will all be resting until after the holidays when I will try to jump the gun on Spring and loose- I really don't learn!

The last big garden project was a predator prevention program. The deer are still eating at everything in sight, so I covered some new plants with netting because they are still small are deserve the chance to grow. The chickens have moved to their winter house and are feasting on the garden but in order to do so with security, some eagle proofing is necessary. After some long thought, this is the result. A Christmas package affect of surveyors tape woven across the garden. As Colin queried: yes, eagle are afraid of surveyors and their tape! Or at least I hope so. The down side of this arrangement is that people can not easily enter the garden. Oh, well. Them's the breaks.

Now the apples are in and the food dryer is full. The chickens are happily bedecked with ribbons and treated with "peanut hearts" added to their diet, thanks to the local peanut roaster. The goats are shorn and doused and secured against the rain and I am all set to visit the big city.

I head to New York tomorrow for a change of scene and I hope some inspiration to start me on some exciting projects for holidays and wet winter days. I will let you know what I find. Until then, send brave thoughts to the chickens because the eagles are very noisy around here.

Love to all,
Mama Llama