Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and onward

Thanksgiving Day is done. Great food and great company were shared and Kyrsa had another birthday, which is always better than the alternative and reminds of that she is a very special daughter and sister. Those who were not there were talked about - always better than what is said to your face! - and we are reminded to give thanks for all the gifts we have in our days.

I could mention the reasons for my personal thanks, children who are spectacular, health for all those I love and days that are secure and safe. In looking at the world around us, we are definitely the most fortunate. So many adventures and explorations in our pasts and the ability to make more as part of our futures. Thanks enough to remember for the next 12 months.

I could go on and on and on but right now I am most thankful for the return of my computer from the repair shop. My being away from cyberspace for more than a week has very little affect on the world but made me feel more isolated and powerless than I would have imagined. Though little was done to my old machine, it returned with no loss and a tiny bit of improvement so for that I am VERY thankful.

Now we look ahead and see the holiday season beginning. Make fun and play with your days. It is a season of giving love and remembering. That really is what makes the Christmas holiday special, not material gifts but reminders of caring and loving. This fall I thought allot about gifts and their importance. While moving things around to lay the cork flooring, I realized how much of my home is about gifts received. Everywhere I look I see a painting or picture given by someone to me with love. When I get dressed in the morning I choose jewelry to make me smile because it reminds me of the special person who gave it to me. I clean out a bag and see another thought or feeling shared in a card or poem; each of these is a reminder of a rich life with wonderful memories, laughter and hugs that continue to give long after their original receiving.

Now do not take this as extra pressure but as the very opposite. This holiday don't worry about what to give but how to remind others that you are thinking about them often and loving them. Every time you send an message through email or post, call on the phone or take time to visit is a special gift of caring. Make this holiday a special time to say hello to friends near and far and to let them know they are in your heart and mind. As busy and hectic as life gets, we are always happier when we think more about others than about our own concerns- the best gifts let us think of each other and the love we share. So... share laughter, cooking, time and fun all this coming month because it is time to celebrate the season. No excuses now!

Love, Mama Llama

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy November Day

The week begins in the way of all November days in the Pacific Northwest... rain and more rain. I have a fire burning, hot tea and a book on tape to entertain while I warp a blanket and set newly spun yarn. La dee dah.

I discover once again that weaving and gardening: all seasons just the same. These are all activities chosen so that odd thoughts can jump in and out of my mind at warp speed. I think, question develop the thoughts and ideas then they jump out completely to return only when unbidden during a conversation far in the future.

Today I take note that I have listened and read several books recently by several English writers, all united by nation of residence, writing dotted with satire and humor and, surprisingly, a common thread questioning the choices a possible God is making regarding its human creations. Weird that this seems to be such a preoccupation with random English writers from different generations.

John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey ilk), Nick Hornby ( High Fidelity, etc) and Terry Pratchett (Disc World, Going Postal...) These are writers who use criminal justice, contemporary life and science fiction as their medium. They seem to fit the existence of God and questionable wisdom of godly choices into the humorous tales they unwind. Who would have guessed such things weigh on the English conscience so generally? To the credit of each of these enjoyable story tellers, none seems to advocation an answer to their pondering and they always provide entertainment including laughter. The laughter is what I find essential.

So, there you have a thought for this wet day. I don't have a personally resolution but I actually do choose to believe in a random collection of power, wisdom and strength beyond my personal control. This never seems to absolve me of my own responsibility to act, do, change. It does however offer solace when I am worried, insane or just plain depressed by the winter gray and helps me share the beauty of a moment that makes me smile.

Last words of wisdom: don't go for a walk without your rain gear.
Mama Llama

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Summer Feasts Remembered

So, I know that I am VERY late but I finally have a response to Colin's 10 top driving eats. Here are the summer feasts that bring summer smiles back to me.

I realize I am way behind on sharing and I will be back now that November is here. I find transitioning from Summer to Fall is never easy for me. The month of October is seldom good and September is usually challenging as well, as I juggle summer activities with Fall and Winter expectations, not knowing which way to turn and not wanting to miss any of the last moments of sunshine. So, that said, I am "over it" now and back to regular anxieties.