Monday, September 19, 2011

New Family on Tulin Road

Labor Day has come and gone without my acknowledgment. Maybe I have been unable to face the end of summer or maybe we are finally enjoying summer here in Kingston. In any case, last Friday was my first day back in the schools and this week is a busy week of classrooms and museum days so I guess Fall is really here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and is looking forward to more adventures and expeditions in the coming months. In that vein, I had an exciting adventure this weekend. After communicating extensively with Debbie in Graham, Washington about the qualities of my animal care and environment, she agreed to sell me a momma angora with her 2 babies. Justin, my renter's boyfriend, drove us down in his small  pick-up. Graham is a bit south of Stanwood so it took about an hour to get there. We loaded up Loretta and her 2 kids and were back home without incident.

 We now have a real menagerie with four goats on the girls side of the field. Bucky is still on his lonesome but maybe when the little boy is grown up and a bit more able to hold his own, he will join Bucky and they can be pals. The new friends are a little skinny but I am sure they will get stronger and fattened up soon. Mary seems to be enjoying her new roommates more that I could have expected. She and Loretta have an agreement that Mary is boss which seems to work well. The kids are, as yet, nameless so any recommendations for naming a girl and a boy kid will be considered.

Now THAT was a fun way to move into fall. I just hope I can keep them all healthy. In the meantime there is still harvesting to be done with some ripe tomatoes and lots of "trombone" zucchini, which turn out to be amazingly sweet and tender. I made pickles this weekend and possibly the last batch of blackberry jam.I have become somewhat uninspired in the dinner arena, so if you have any suggestions that are not renditions on sauteed zucchini I would appreciate the inspirations. For now, I am off to the high school. Good luck everyone, have a great week and look forward to an exciting, happy fall. Take time to watch for the falling leaves and walk in the last evening light.

Mama Llama