Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fourth of July Fun

The Fourth of July is always the REAL beginning of summer at Twin Lakes. Ed has the boat in tip top shape, the dock is approachable without swimming and  the cocktail cruise begins. This Fourth was one of the best, with nice sunny hot weather added to the festivities.

Catapult boat
Mother ship of the fleet
The Geiger boys are growing like the proverbial weeds. Cam towers over me and Jacob is fast on his way. They have been lake rats now for 3 weeks and projects already abound.. Cam has built an "armada" inspired by a school project on the Nile River including boats, people, docks, trading and anything else he could possible add. His lake fleet includes several vessels: the mother ship with projectiles for safety, several munition barges with spoon-catapults, and a couple of smaller sailing vessels without weaponry.  Jacob, not to be outdone, discovered that the spoon catapult could be very successful in achieving 100%  firing rate used with "poppers" especially when flung onto a metal roof. Oh to play all day with no other thought in mind!
Welcoming the parade

Barb and Dave on the mountain-

Barb and Dave were able to join us in honoring the Boat parade but we were caught off guard and did not have our usual water-balloon assault prepared. Again the Geiger's filled in the void I feel we may have lured boats into a false security by our random absence.

Next year will afford us a great base for the water-balloon onslaught for we now have a bigger base at the puzzle dock- thanks to Anita.  The new piece arrive the day before the 4th and makes a great new space- much easier to party on the Party Dock.

You all know by now that the holiday did not end well for me. I followed a family tradition of stupid mistakes by falling while skiing and twisting my knee beyond where knees should go. The ski did not release- that is my excuse anyway!
The result is a torn ACL, a torn MCL and a depression fracture of my tibia. If it sounds bad, it doesn't really hurt. Unfortunately the doctor doesn't seem to care about that! He requires no weight bearing for 8 WEEKS so I am hobbling around on crutches for now with the reward  of not looking forward to surgery. That is a huge bonus point for me and keeps me trying harder to keep weight off the knee bone so it will hurry and heal.

In the meantime I am catching up on  blankets  and sewing projects. I recently invested in a long-desired electric carder. What are the chances that it would come in handy so soon? So, although it is not the summer I expected, it is a summer for other fun projects and a reprieve from the same old daily tasks that become uninteresting when they are part of our daily pattern. This summer weeding the garden will take on a wistful quality and my fall gardening will be infused with some scary psychotic energy!

For now, it is mid-July and I am happy to have the daylight linger into the evening hours. I love the energy of waking to sunlight and will try hard to make time for the beach when the warm sunshine visits. All of you in hotter climates, stay cool and have fun because summer is short. Even when personal and work demands keep tapping on your shoulder, you  have to sometimes turn away and enjoy your moments.

Love as always,
Mama Llama