Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas here we come

It's December the 21ist and I am longing to be up north... The longest day of the year but in the mid-40's here in Kingston and in Spokane as well so there will be no "White Christmas" at Twin Lakes this year but fun anyway.

We will have lots of cookies and enough wine to keep everyone happy. Duffy is on his way to the pet hotel and the animals have Annalisa from next door to keep them full of holiday hay. We head out over the pass with the car top carrier affixed with new connection- always a little bit of an adventure to see if we are picking up gear from along the highway. I am putting only luggage up there on the way over because it will be easier to gather between speeding cars. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. It has been an easy Christmas here with time for cookies and lights and even some outings with friends. I wish I could pass that time and ease on to you all but remember it is all part of the cycle and your CHristmas holiday of time and fun is around the corner. If it was EVERY holiday there would be no excitment to see how things turn out!

I say good bye to the Christmas tree in Kingston and hope it will hold its' holiday cheer for our return. The new Christmas tree at the lake will be decorated without near the excitement of the flocking episode a few years back but it will still hold our laughter. see you all soon and remember that we are turning the corner into a new year so smile and expect wondrous tines.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only 2 Weeks until Christmas Eve

Don't freak out now! It is impossible to think that Thanksgiving was only 2 weeks ago. It has been a crazy time around here but things are just perking along now.

After Thanksgiving the wreath factory was in full swing and I successfully mailed out the first group then sped my way to Spokane to check on Anita in the hospital.The drive over was spectacular. It was cold and clear when I left Silverdale in the late afternoonl. Driving over the Tacoma bridge, the colors of the sky reflected the winter sunset in vibrant corals and robin's egg blue that slowly changed to slate. As I climbed the pass, the full orange moon rose on a now gray slate background. All the way across the state I was mesmerized by the changes in the colors of the night. The moon faded from orange to lemon yellow to pale wheat. The sky turned dark blue, then navy blue then black. Even the field Christmas lights were bright as I drove through George, remembering the years of driving past those lights that reminded us we were on OUR way to Christmas. Despite the reason for the trip, it was a wonderful drive and Anita was feeling good and rearing to go by the time I returned back home. She continues to feel her old self though a little cautious. The experience is not one she wants to repeat. On entering the emergency room, the doctor began questioning her about her symptoms and background. He asked if she had a living will. "Yes," Anita offered, "but I really don't want to use it today."

Now that is pretty good but might not make the best line of the holidays which still goes to Lynne at the dinner table. While talking about Father George making Thanksgiving dinner for his priest friends, Anita shared that he was serving capon instead of turkey. "What is capon exactly?", Kyrsa queried. Barb knew that capon are castrated roosters. Without missing a beat, Lynne said, "That's seems an interesting choice for a bunch of priests."

Let the holiday games begin!

In Kingston the wreaths are done and the house is full of Christmas cheer sans tree. The tree will be added soon, don't you worry. Yesterday I baked my first batch of Christmas cookies, wine dunking cookies are always the first to arrive and I hope there will be some left when you all arrive. There is no fire roaring today because despite frigid temperatures ranging from 15-29 there is a burn ban in affect! What is that about? Oh well, the house is warm in all corners for a weird change. I am teaching a couple of days just to keep things interesting and have projects to finish but mostly I am looking forward to sharing the holidays. I do love the time being together with to many expectations and too little time but I want it understood that growing up happens and new traditions too. The time will come when our traditions will change and that will be good too. Yesterday is really never as important or as much fun as today and tomorrow.

So, I will imagine that you are all insane and working on everything in your lives that keeps you busy with very little time for holiday thoughts. Life happens. But Christmas will happen and there will be food and cookies and we will have more moments to share.

Love you all,
Mama Llama