Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy November Day

The week begins in the way of all November days in the Pacific Northwest... rain and more rain. I have a fire burning, hot tea and a book on tape to entertain while I warp a blanket and set newly spun yarn. La dee dah.

I discover once again that weaving and gardening: all seasons just the same. These are all activities chosen so that odd thoughts can jump in and out of my mind at warp speed. I think, question develop the thoughts and ideas then they jump out completely to return only when unbidden during a conversation far in the future.

Today I take note that I have listened and read several books recently by several English writers, all united by nation of residence, writing dotted with satire and humor and, surprisingly, a common thread questioning the choices a possible God is making regarding its human creations. Weird that this seems to be such a preoccupation with random English writers from different generations.

John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey ilk), Nick Hornby ( High Fidelity, etc) and Terry Pratchett (Disc World, Going Postal...) These are writers who use criminal justice, contemporary life and science fiction as their medium. They seem to fit the existence of God and questionable wisdom of godly choices into the humorous tales they unwind. Who would have guessed such things weigh on the English conscience so generally? To the credit of each of these enjoyable story tellers, none seems to advocation an answer to their pondering and they always provide entertainment including laughter. The laughter is what I find essential.

So, there you have a thought for this wet day. I don't have a personally resolution but I actually do choose to believe in a random collection of power, wisdom and strength beyond my personal control. This never seems to absolve me of my own responsibility to act, do, change. It does however offer solace when I am worried, insane or just plain depressed by the winter gray and helps me share the beauty of a moment that makes me smile.

Last words of wisdom: don't go for a walk without your rain gear.
Mama Llama

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