Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week Happenings

Really, Colin said it all in pictures. Having him here with Alex in tow made the day more fun than any day should be. Wrestling, poking and dyeing Easter Eggs too!

But everyone has gone home, leaving me with wind and rain as company. All my plans for gardening and catching up with the weeds have been put aside because of the cold weather. Instead, I am spinning and trying to finish up the last 4 blankets before the warm weather returns. Then I can enjoy garden work.

As I spin, my mind wanders into territory that usually remains hidden. I see into the future and find problems to solve there, rather than deal with today's mundane reality. I still want a bi-weekly classroom survey asking 12 multiple choice questions about student descriptions of their own success in school, home work completion and reasons for all. I want a study done for an entire year with the same set of question repeated every 2 weeks. It might lead to a different level of performance by students and a better understanding by teachers of what lies behind these problems. SO there is my "meandering " during spinning. Now will someone in the universe please get to work.

I also solve a practical problems-like what to do as the chicks get bigger and outgrow the gerbil cage?
Here is the answer! So many uses for a car-top carrier... The chicks went crazy this afternoon with all the room . They are still in the corner of the kitchen because it is way too cold outside for their little bodies. I have chicken wire over the top so they can't start cruising the sun-room for bugs but maybe I should let them out occasionally to hunt. If only they didn't poop every 10 seconds.

So for now Spring is indoors- little plants starting in the sun-room and chicks in the kitchen. Just typical northwest weather. We know we will have warm days again. When they do surprise us, we will run outside to appreciate every ray. Enjoy the sunshine where you find it this spring and all the adventures that lay ahead.
Mama Llama

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