Friday, June 11, 2010

Let me introduce to our new housemates...

... Dolly and Tammy Fae.

A friend of ours down here, Jenn from Bainbridge, is away for the summer and needed a home for her chickens. So yesterday a friend of hers and I put the coop on a truck and moved it into the back corner of our yard. then I spent the afternoon building a frame for chickenwire to keep the raccoons and other meaner and smarter animals out. Some wire from the hardware store a few blocks away, some scrap lumber and a few sore muscles, led to this beaut. I think I have Grandpa's thumbs - black and blue. Dolly and TF arrived when it was finished - at about 9:30. This morning they woke up confused - a new cage, where previously they roamed about a farm. But by this evening they will have forgotten it was ever any different. After all, they're already back into the routine. Upon coming home from work...

Don't get too jealous, Mama Llama. Fingers crossed that they'll make it through the summer. (and that we'll make it through the summer. the coop is directly outside our bedroom window, and chickens are notoriously early risers. )

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