Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tall Trees

Though everyone said a month ago that the rain would stop until october, occasional spring showers are still baffling the locals and besieging the hot weather vegetables. The holiday weekend began with dire forecasts of snow in the foothills and rain everywhere else. Our friend Matt from DC was out for the weekend to go camping, so this a bummer. Especially since he wanted to head to Redwood Nat'l Park, which is practically on the oregon border and generally cold and wet, even at the best of times. But I caved and we headed up there. Along the way, a good omen...

After a LONG drive through windy roads west of Redding, we arrived in the dark and car camped at camp ground near 101. Got coffee and breakfast burritos in Arcata and drove up the park. After picking up a bear cannister and map at the ranger station we headed into the park, up and down horse trails then along a river trail, out to a beautiful gravel bar across from the Tall Trees Grove (see Nat'l Geo article for some details about the place). In the morning we climbered over trees and through some very swift water to get to the tall trees, but made it, cooked up coffee, then headed back down the river trail, eventually settling at another prime spot in the grass above the river. Made it back early sunday for horseshoes and horseplay in davis with susan. here's some of the excitement.

This week the farm is at last heating up and supposed to be into the 90's by next monday. the zucchinis are already trying to launch an attack on the farm. susan is powering through final projects and we're getting excited for more weekend trips before it's too hot to move. we'll bring the heat up with us in june - promise. and i hope that 'stew' makes it that long.

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  1. I love looking at these pictures of silly people having fun moments. I can look at them over and over and imagine the even sillier conversations.