Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Celebrations

The house is quiet and the cool rains have returned but there are lots of warm feelings swirling around. Would that I could share some photos but I left my camera in Lynne's car. It seems that is the theme of the weekend- leaving little bits of ourselves around so that we will be able to return... but pictures will be here soon to make us all smile.

The word around Seattle is that this weekend was the best gathering the Haspedis clan has had in a long time largely because  nothing was required of us except visiting, eating and drinking, with enough time to do it well. Combine that with an extraordinary coconut wedding cake and there is little more to make a perfect celebration.

Having a long meal with lots of wine and conversation on Tulin Road always makes me feel like family time, especially when there is a little story telling and a bit of idea exchange to keep everyone thinking. It was great fun to have Susan in the kitchen with me making things come together easily and with extra fun. I think all of the girls would agree that nails and champagne are the perfect way to start a wedding day- a little female bonding, always full of laughter and the reminder that we are always here for one another. Seeing old friends and new family on Sunday was a great focus event around which to gather, continuing the theme of wine and sharing into Monday at  Airfield. Kyrsa is a master at the wine tasting! We all had a wonderful time but having Anita and Lynne there to continue the weekend celebration made it perfect. Is there a better way to end a weekend than with a picnic in the sun and a glass of rose? Lest anyone think I am passing them over, family always includes Alex and Lisa. Alex's absence was acutely felt Sunday evening and commented on by many.

These are the reminisces of the weekend but the real reason for this little review is to share the words I heard all weekend. "Your children are really great". Of course I can only agree ( for the most part) but I do want to thank you all for your  generous hearts as we shared time together.  Lynne and Anita both said it was the best time together because of the many chances to visit and share. Barb had a great weekend and was sad only because she and Dave were not able to be at the wine tasting event! She wore her "wedding sweat shirt" to Pilate's Tuesday and her trainer could not believe Colin was not a professional (professional what?). For me, I loved every minute of the sharing time and laughter and being squashed into the back of vehicles...all moments to remember when challenges wreak havoc or when stress seeks to overwhelm. Thank you to us all for a great reminder that life really is pretty great and so are we.

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