Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Spring!

March 21 and officially Spring!
Happy warm weather to everyone and many more smiles ahead. Today I worked until 6:30 in the garden and it was still light when I came in to make dinner. The wonders of Spring ! The bunnies are combed and the goats are sheared- we are all ready to move into the growing season. With the mild winter I just keep adding more garden projects so I can't say I am ahead of the game this year but the early garden work has sure been more pleasant.

This weekend David and I had a very special treat to start the new season. We shared dinner with Glen and Kathy Wilson then attended the Bremerton Symphony, where Kathy plays second cello -her responsibility for the past 30 years. The Symphony is always first class and an enjoyable evening but this performance was the best ever. Featuring old world music from Spain and new world music from South and Central America, there were many unbelievable delights.
The solo violinist was a 20 year old Bremerton musician who studies and performs years in England. She was outstanding! There were conch shells and 20 different percussion elements in the South American pieces. Tons of fun and very festive for heralding the season of fertility.

With such an amazing start, this Spring is certain to be full of amazing events. Number one is Kyrsa's new job working in the soon to open tasting room of Airfield winery. Airfield is one of several Yakima wineries opening tasting rooms in Woodenville, in a cooperative tasting community. It is very exciting that Kyrsa will be able to try out her new knowledge of wine and get in on the ground floor of a new idea in wine marketing for the Seattle area. I for one can't wait to visit her at work.

The Spring will also bring new visitors to Tulin Road. They will be staying in the old gerbil home. Keep your eyes open for their arrival and all the new development in the area.

Until then, safe and happy travels to Erin and Colin and good wishes for laughter to everyone.
Mama Llama

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