Friday, March 5, 2010

Colin says...

well. i tried a dozen times to comment on the blog and it's not working. will look into it.
but here's what I was going to comment!

I DO wish we had a picture of you cruising around on the back of the tandem. Other favorites from the visit: eating burritos in the car in golden gate park, walking down valencia getting project ideas, slumber party night and extremely lively games of banagrams and scrabble, wine and grocery shopping. and thanks for not mentioning how chubby I am now.

From Mama Llama: We did have so much fun doing all these things. I only lost my footing on the tandem pedals once at the intersection! Pouring rain did not keep us from our burritos and it was just lucky we didn't have more time at the great book store on Valencia. The new ice cream store on Valencia was extraordinary (ginger saffron ice cream after Indian food!!!) and they game me a free vanilla bean TWICE. There is really no chubbiness happening in Davis though the flat road are not keeping Colin in the tip top biking shape of D.C.
I guess there will need to be more bike rides out to the mountains 40 miles away!

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