Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer in the garden of laughter and forgetting

Just a wee greeting on a summer day. I started today on the deck with coffee and a book. Summer is really the best of times. I worked all day without a moment's pause getting things ready for our trip to the lake. We will only be there from Thursday to Tuesday but I was behind on dead-heading and wanted everything ready for July flowers to look their best. I am now dead tired but will power-on a few more minutes to pack things into the car. We are planning to leave in the morning on the 5:45 ferry so I can enjoy some dock reading time. I want to start the holiday off in the correct manner with a little kayak before all of the boats arrive. I know you are all jealous and I wish you could be there too. We will be toasting you with ice cream and cocktails! I know you will have much fun where you are, with friends and laughter.

Kyrsa and Dave will be at the lake with us. Kyrsa still can't ski because her foot is too tender to fit into the boot or handle the water pressure while skiing. Still they will enjoy relaxing after the last few weeks of remodeling projects. I will say good bye with a photo of the new windows on their home. I took the picture just 2 days after the installation. I hope they are still in place (joke). Happy sparklers and sunshine to you.

Mama Llama

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