Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahead of the Curve

Yes - Anita has done it again. Erin and I both distinctly remember the afternoon trip with Grandma that led to the acquisition of these fine pieces of Americana, housed at the Lake or on sale now in Brooklyn, NY.

Brooklyn Kitsch I can deal with. I'll be really worried when the things I grew up with appear in the antique store!
One of many great moments of discovery and laughter from a weekend visiting Erin, Fern and my friend Laurie in NYC. (was sad that Jenni was out of town). Other highlights include:
  • OCD moment at the bar when, trying to make sure both upper and lower were aligned, I snapped off a coat hook accidentally

  • Making Jack drink white wine spritzers after a long day walking around the town. This was first (or maybe second) of the summer for me - and a crucial pick-me-up before cooking up a great chicken/cabbage salad - asian influenced with the great summer addition of an avocado.

  • seeing the receptionist from Ugly Betty at the amazing cookie / korean place

  • Delicious Italian-style Chickpeas. Psych. While these were indeed chickpeas, they were neither italian-style (we asked the right people to verify) nor delicious. But worth getting as a memento of the amazing italian streetfair that we ran into on the walk home (just like the one we found accidentally in Baltimore with mom last year). Here is another memento of the fair - we debated whether if was appropriate to take pictures at a place of worship, but that if they were willing to cover the Baby J with dollar bills, then taking pictures fell well above the bar.(click photo for a closer look)

  • And as a final selection from the italian festival - click here, NY excitement, to witness the deadpan riders of the up and down ride. Turn your head to the left.

That's the quick pictorial for now. As perfect as the 4th at the lake was, this was a perfect weekend-after. Relaxed, but with fun excursions, ice cream from the ice cream truck, reading in the park, coffee from wherever it could be found, and lots of time catching up with people I love.


  1. This was the most fun! I am so glad you made it to the Italian church festival. I have been waiting all summer to see it! I don't know what Anita will have to say about baby Jesus dressed in dollars but she will be willing to sell lake treasures for dollars. Thanks for sharing good times.
    Love, MOM

  2. I got a call from Shoolbred's. They want their coat hook back. Or else!

  3. Thank goodness for this posting! Barb tried to use the Garfield cup in the DOG FOOD last weekend and thankfully I was able to rescue our one antique!