Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer is REALLY here

The Fourth of July has come and gone with the sun still shining in Kingston. We had a great Fourth celebration on Twin Lakes; all the dock sitting, lake floating and margarita drinking the weekend expects. Luckily Dave Sullivan has some practice at that drink so everyone was kept happy. There were more boats on the lake than I have seen in many of 4th- all the warm weather reminded people how important it is to play while we can. I also think those Eastern Washington types now live in fear of the everlasting winter so are celebrating summer more than usual .

The boat made a couple of cocktail cruises . I even piloted through the Channel with the help of Kyrsa as my co-pilot. The lake level is fairly high but going down quickly with all the hot weather, still the water was just pleasantly refreshing for swimming and floating. Traditional vanilla ice cream topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries was symbolic of the holiday. Thankfully the neighbors again gave us a wonderful treat- a professionally engineered fireworks show that lasted more than 1/2 an hour. It was spectacular. I expect photos from Dave's new camera to make you even more envious. After the merry makers left Sunday evening, the lake was peaceful and quiet for the rest of us. The osprey are eyeballing those fish in even larger numbers. There are a couple of new nests and Cameron noted that 2 of the baby ducks were lost to baby osprey dinner. The "ducks" are red breasted mergansers I saw parading down the lake while I kayaked one morning. A large blue heron seems so have taken up residence somewhere near the lower swamp area. We have seen him fishing off the docks when visitors are gone. Cameron and Jacob are out for the summer and full of energy, as always. They are growing up quickly and before long will be too old to share stories with the old folk. For now they are still telling tales with their unique perspective and vocabulary.

Back in Kingston summer is all about harvest in the garden and enjoying time with friends. I did both this week. Marcia Adams, the creator of House Warps (a website for the sale of beautiful handwoven items for the home) was here for tea and cherry clafouti. We christened my new tea set and enjoyed catching up on each others' news. The time to visit in the warm sun with a good friend is the best of summer days. I have been working in a bike ride to town occasionally but still have not conquered the first hill without huffing and puffing. More practice I guess. Today is a beautiful Saturday so I am about to head out and pick a bowl of raspberries. I have 2 large bowls of pie cherries to pit some time soon. It will have to be after we return from Port Townsend. It is a great day to enjoy the Farmer's Market and walk on the beach at Chetzamoka Park.

I hope everyone is making time for fun this weekend. I know the East Coast is making summer activities a little more challenging but the spirit of Twin Lakes will lead you forward to fun and laughter this weekend on all through the summer. Go out and have fun!

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  1. Chetzamoka park sounds so good right now.
    we'll have to a do a ride to port townsend this fall! - there will be some hills! Make sure you're in low gear.

    Disappointed that there were no water balloons, but suspect it's a good strategy to lull the parade closer next year.