Wednesday, June 24, 2009

-4 tide in Appletree Cove

I just wanted to send a couple of peaks at the lowest tide of this summer in Kingston. There seems to be a good healthy crop of eel grass and lots of moon snail casings. We even found a couple of real live moon guys but hid them under the grass so the heron didn't find for dinner. The eel grass is a great sign for the health of the cove. It not only provides hiding places but nutrients for all variety of marine life. There were a smattering of clams (all eaten by moon snails, as was evidenced by the tiny hole on the top of their shell).

The beach went out for what seems like miles. We almost walked up to the ferry and did walk until we were directly down from Seatter Road, straight out into the bay. I only got sucked down to my knees once. I had to pull out my little crocks by hand because they wanted to become home to the clams. The eagle sat on the beach wondering where dinner had gone and the heron where out with all their friends, making a long parade at the edge of the water. We spied a couple of jelly fish and many crab but only one live guy. To celebrate the sunny afternoon and the beginning of summer we ate lunch on the porch while watching the cove stretch out before us.

Wish you were here!

Mama Llama

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