Monday, June 22, 2009

Strawberries and Peonies

Happy Monday everyone. It is the first week of summer and I can just barely spy some blue sky out there in the far northwest corner. Although this last week has seen the traditional cool, gray weather of the Pacific Northwest, we did have an extraordinary 3 weeks of summer weather. The result is great crop of strawberries on Tulin Road. I never have more than a handful to eat from the garden but this year they have been more than abundant. I froze a cookie sheet for enjoying in the winter months, made a batch of frozen jam and have enjoyed eating strawberries with yogurt each morning and noon. What a wonderful treat and a reminder that gardeners in California should have no pride - how hard is it to grow food if you actually have warmth and sunshine!

The second wonderful gift from the unseasonably warm weather has been a beautiful array of peonies. Without the wet and cold to cause blight, the peonies have been outrageous. Their delicate full blooms are such a luxury since they have only a short season to show themselves. I have enjoyed peony bouquets all over the house!

The rest of the garden is doing well. The snap peas are giving little gifts each day and I found 3 small zucchini ready for harvest. The greens, arugula- kale- lettuce -broccoli rab, are in abundance; far more than we can consume, already. I am now spraying for deer regularly after they ate the first rose blooms for dinner one night. The slugs, small worms and insects are eating away to their stomachs satisfaction as I can't seem to think of a way to stop them. Sharing is the rule of gardening, I guess.

As you can see, there is not much excitement in Kingston right now but I did have a 4 day excursion to Twin Lakes to start the summer season. Anita and I cleaned the carpet and made a few other preparations for July but the weather was so gorgeous we also read on the dock in our swim suits. We took the first cocktail cruise to make sure the boat was working well and I made time for some kayak trips down the lake as well as a short bike ride to the end of the upper lake. It was a great reminder that summer is a time to play. With good luck, we will continue to play on the Fourth of July in some nice hot summer weather.

I am now on to projects and chores this Monday morning but send you all a hug and a smile. Have a great week and I will talk again soon.

Mama Llama

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