Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still January

After 6 days the fog has finally lifted, literally if not figuratively. Historically it has been a momentous week, which is saying something for January. Nationally we have a new president who has inspired the nation to be proud of itself for a few moments. There is nothing better in January than having the opportunity NOT to feel guilty for our backslides and broken promises. Coming off the high New Year's promise for a fresh start, it quickly becomes apparent to us all that old patterns are hard to break. New exercise routines don't hold fast; promises for more changes don't manifest themselves. We all begin to realize that individually we won't always get want we want, the minute we want it.
Oh well- so what else is new. Still, the message from the political front holds true at the home front on Tulin Road. Realistic expectations! This can be a hard concept for daily living. It can also make the difference between a happy day and a day of frustration.
This week I have felt frustrated by what didn't get done but have also tried to enjoy the moments of doing, with a reality check in place. Life really isn't a race. Still, the older we get, the harder we all run to experience more and accomplish more. Maybe realistic expectations just means knowing, everyday, that we really can't have everything. We can have today, the people close to us and the priorities we set as the most important. If we are very lucky and make hard decisions, we can have those important priorities, people and adventures in our lives. When it isn't easy we can choose not to make it harder. We can choose to enjoy what is good. So- message for the moment: make the hard decisions when you must, tear off the band aide when is needs to come off and the rest of the time enjoy a walk in the air, a cup of coffee and a hug.

With those words of wisdom??? I am off to spray the trees with salad oil- must be green you know. I hope eternally to ward off the pests and mildews of the northwest. What is gardening without HOPE- gardening in California?

Love you all,
Mama Llama

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