Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Chinese New Year has begun

Today we get to "start again" at the New Year. I feel excited for us all. Already we are so good at showing our commitment to hope and to see the great moments in our lives! I am smiling because I hear hear the smart-alec remarks even as I say this. The wood stove is full of logs and pumping out heat, which makes is happy to be inside. After a week of poor air quality and burn bans, it is great to feel really warm again, despite the cold temperature outside.

I am on my way to SAM today to play, doing art projects with kids. Then it is back to my sweat shop routine. On February 8 I am doing a little show/sale in Seattle with some people, so I have needed to focus on preparing something for that event. It has been a good exercise but one that I don't plan to repeat often! It does feel good to give effort in a slightly different direction- a reminder to me not to get my wheels stuck in comfortable ruts.

Still, I like my comfortable ruts and hope for the New Year to enjoy more time at the lake and more time in the garden. I also hope I will expand to be more active in my community, helping to make a positive difference. For today, I just plan on enjoying a city day.I hope that I will take time to look at the art around me, both consciously created and accidental. I also hope someone weird talks to me on the ferry. Last time I rode the ferry the brother of Twila Tharp (important choreographer of modern dance) talked up a storm. But I had on my rose covered raincoat then. Today it is cold, so I will have on my wool coat and won't attract as much attention.

Hopes for the day, week and year abound. We are destined to have a great year of adventures and sharing. I send hugs today and intend to smile at everyone on the street to make them crazy. That is always good entertainment. Challenge for today- smile so that your eyes crinkle up!

Love you.

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