Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beginning the New Year

Yesterday I took down Christmas. The tree was tinder dry, so it was time. Still, every year I wish the holidays were longer. This holiday season was full of adventure and I know that every year from now until I die, my mother and sisters will remind me of how much "we love to be at the lake for Christmas" just so I won't forget the year I almost didn't make the drive.
It was a great lesson for the new year; a reminder not to make decisions based on fear of what might happen. Against all apparent odds, we drove through Seattle's snow to find more snow in Idaho. It was beautiful! Nothing horrible or dangerous happened. We tested our strength and stamina by digging our way out (or was that Dave Sullivan digging our way out?) and have a great story to tell for years to come. It was a wonderful time being together all day and all night so we could be in each others' way and realize how connected we are. With lots of uncertainty in the world, it was a great gift to be together and know we are a force together, to face the year ahead. Unfortunately Anita, Barb, Lynne and I all have the same plan- if trouble comes we'll just live at the lake. Hmmm... how will it help solve TROUBLE if we are ALL at the lake- that could be scary.
Enough maudlin banter- the year is ahead with lots of challenges and adventures. This is my very first message and I have lots of plans to continue and share. Today was the first work day of the new year (since it was the first day after Christmas was gone). I worked on a blanket, treated goats and rabbits and changed their living quarters a bit, planted my mushroom seeds and made lots of visual plans for outdoor winter projects. I am already feeling behind and it is the first day of the year!!! Important to remember to see what is accomplished, not only what needs to be done. There is always more to do.
With lots of plans for more art work, more fiber projects, more garden projects, better animal care, new cooking ideas and more reading, I think I just might give up sleeping for the new year. It is exciting to know that each day offers a new start and an opportunity to choose to smile. That isn't always easy but it is a challenge that doesn't take extra time so why not. Let's everyone smile through the coming week.


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