Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter in Kingston?

Just a little weather update to make you all feel better about where you are today. We are finally seeing the snow storm the weatherman as been forecasting for a week. Thank heavens it arrived so now all the hoopla has been validated.

REAL snow on Tulin Road
As you know, western Washington is not made for actual winter weather. David's work place closed for the day, as did all the schools and most other businesses. I thought I might have coffee and read in bed but suddenly remembered where I live and jumped up to prepare for electrical outages. I made muffins, minestrone soup and quiche, so we should be good for awhile.

preparing for the inevitable
The only foreseeable trauma involves the chicken coop. The snow accumulating on the tarp and wire covering is weighting it down so that it is almost laying on the ground. I was able to shake off the tarp but not the chicken wire covering so I just hope it survives until Friday afternoon, when is it suppose to start raining and warming up. Not much else to do so keep your fingers crossed.

For now I am planning on spinning and enjoying the warm fire inside. I hope you are all well and feeling good about the beginning of the year with all its newness still intact.


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