Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy February with love

Although January seemed to last forever, February is already here? The year is off to a gallop and in view of this hectic pace, I want to share a moment of poetry with you all.

          The Procession
   When the snow has gone away
    Maypinks blossom where it lay,
    And before the Maypink's gone
    Dancing windflowers hurry on:
    All the violet-buds are made
    Long before the windflowers fade.
    Then before the violets go
    Yellow dandelions grow:
    And before they ever die
    Buttercups are growing high,
    They the daisies hurry up
    Each beside a buttercup.
    Little pink wild roses follow,
    And in every sunny hollow
    Black-eyed Susans grow up tall
    Long before the roses fall.
    Clovers blossom pink and steady
    Till the goldenrod is ready:
    Purple asters last of all
    Wait until the late, late, fall.
    Till the snow comes flying down
   Once again on field and town.
               - Margarel Widdemer

Just a quick glance at the year ahead but breath everyone: one flower season as a time! In remembering the seasons past, we have had a passing here on Tulin Road. With some sadness I sent the Little Saturn off to a new life with a new family. It drove out like the champ it is, to make room for a new vehicle yet to prove it's long term commitment to the Tulin farm yard. Last week I found a nice Honda Fit- 2010 with only 7,000 miles for a very reasonable price so decided it was time! Within a short afternoon I picked up David at work, drove the car back to the dealer and then home we sped. I am not one for the prolonged vehicle debate though I did a good year and more of research. Oh the wonders of the internet!

So, now we have a new white car but no more white snow. February ushered in with spring like weather so I have been balancing between indoor fiber work and outdoor gardening cleanup. Our new neighbors have completed their new home and have moved in. I finished up a jean quilt as a welcoming gift and was VERY proud of it's gift bag. Having enjoyed much the chicken feed bag from Christmas, I of course am on the road to more and more feed bags. Look out everyone!! It is all the fault of Colin and Susan from here on. This first is uninspiring because there was no advert on the the front but still a worthy effort.!!

Beyond this, all is February normalcy in Kingston. The projects keep lining up- garden preparations , a new chicken tractor for summer... All is great when new ideas pop into the mind. So, I hope there are new dreams and new inspirations coming your way but that you are making time to play and enjoy the moments as they meet you.I am sending you smiles and hugs for a  great week ahead!

Mama Llama

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  1. I like that car! It's like a mini marshmallow, in a great way, of course.