Friday, January 13, 2012

January Dreams

Janus- the Roman god with two faces presiding over the threshold of endeavors. As Janus looks forward and back, we use both foresight and hindsight to plan our year- or just embrace it's offerings.

Already the middle of January! The new year is off and running and I am already behind. Christmas decorations are still up, reminding me of the great holiday season now long gone. The air is crisp and clear, meaning the air quality police are forbidding all wood burning. Thankfully the heat pump is keeping us warm. We will soon see if the cost of installation is worth any saving on the energy bills?

But that is the mundane life of January. To keep up the spirits, sunrises have been glorious and inspire me to great use of colors in newly imagined blankets. Lots of resolutions for change come with January and I feel confident that they WILL be met.

       I joined the local gym in order to start regular yoga classes again. Having attended 2 so far, they seem      like a good fit, so there in one check mark.
       I am not watching news shows more that once a day and not when political marketing comes on, thus lowering my "crazy" level. I am actually turning OFF the TV and listening to books on tape to keep me entertained.
       In my quest to relearn French or just focus on any foreign language acquisition, I discovered This is a great site that offers beginning to premier level language learning. They say it is free to join but to continue after the first lesson, a fee is charged. At $9.99 a month  I thought is was worth a try to see if I would really use it. So far I am enjoying it immensely. Since I am using it as a refresher course, it seems quite good. For the same monthly fee I could also practice Spanish, German and learn Italian or Japanese but REALLY! Let's get real!
       After walking past the tool room for the past 2 years and thinking: "I really need to finish that room." I finally did it. One step at a time and a book on tape made it happen. Though not perfect, it is better. Still a tiny space, the tools are more organized and when I walk by I don't cringe. There is a perfect space for my Niki McClure "encourage" poster, right in front of the table for planting seedlings and starting them under a grow light. 

That ends the list of accomplishments but as usual the list "to be done" is much longer. Planting dreams are growing, springing from the eternal hope of new beginnings. Animals need care and harvesting to provide material for new projects accumulating in my head. A new felting book has really pushed me through the wall of fear surrounding felt and that may be the new exploration but not until the warm weather arrives; too much water for this cold weather. Until then, carding and spinning and some dyeing along with so many other creative opportunities. Oh, and maybe I'll build a 10X20 foot hoop house? I HAVE TO GO!! There is too much to do.

Good  wished and hopes to you all and remember to make time to dream before you set out running through the year. The moments that take us forward and really what count. They never return, so treasure them as you move through them.

Love you all,
Mama Llama

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