Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you speak Bunny?

I am home from 10 days gallivanting around the East Coast and having nothing but fun. Note that I forgot to use my blog to share my travel adventures in real time. Not to worry! I intend to catch up with remembering and sharing as the weeks of April unfold...I hope into sunshine.

This is who I found waiting at home, with a little brother or sister. Momma Pearl had 8 babies but only 2 made it and since they are now 4 weeks old I am announcing them into the world. Names are not yet chosen so I am open to suggestions. Both bunnies are brown and gray in color with their short little faces and baby ears. They look pretty cute and are very soft.

Aside from the new babies, little has changed on Tulin Road in the last 10 days. There are a few more flowers blooming. Daffodils and forsythia are hopeful signs of coming sunshine. Pink rhododendrons and purple crocus show that we are headed in the right direction. I threw some spinach and arugula seeds in before I left and they seems to have come up. I would say about two thirds of the starts made it through my absence so only a few to restart, which is more than I could have hoped for. And there is my reminder to us all for this Spring- take a chance and expect the best.

It is obvious that this Spring and this year hold for us all more than the usual number of opportunities for decision and direction. Remembering the half full/ half empty epitaph, we are challenged to see the fullness of our lives and opportunities. There is no more reality in the half empty glass, just the decision to expect the worst and inevitably help it to happen.

The challenge that pays off in better returns is seeing the fullness of each challenge. Acknowledge and celebrate your successes big and small. Where frustration lurks, see the opportunities for new learning and new direction. See the gifts and the special qualities in those that share your work (then whack them upside their head).

Life is note easy and won't be no matter what you do, right or wrong. Don't make it harder by seeing problems and unhappiness in the present or the future. Expect success and see it even when things aren't perfect. Small successes are the best way to accomplish big rewards. It is an old story not needing to be belabored but still the best story. Believe in tomorrow and in today's opportunities to make it greater. When you trip, stand up and start skipping. You will be part of the many successes of this year- personal and professional. Know it now and make your days happier. Look forward to the adventure even when you know there will be trade offs and hard work. It all makes life the best show in town.

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