Monday, March 2, 2009

In Like a Lion...

March has been true to it's nature. The lion roared March in with rain and wind in the Northwest and with freezing snow storms on the East coast. But it is March and not January. For the coming month winter will sprint into life, only to be chased away after a day by the warm rains of Spring. We might as well enjoy it all...a lion is just as remarkable and wonderful as a lamb.

Along with enjoying the last drama of winter, we are challenged to spend time and energy exploring and enjoying life. The winter wears us down into the doldrums. Now it is time to realize that life is here for us to enjoy, not to bemoan. Make fun a priority today. Tomorrow is no different than yesterday, but today we can make a difference. Take excursions, have a glass of wine out on the town, invite friends over to share a meal or cuddle while you watch a movie at home. Decide that now is the rest of your life and make the time to enjoy it. Don't wait any longer and smile when you can't make things change as quickly as you wish.

Today Anita and I walked the beach at Point No Point, enjoying the sun that stayed longer than expected between rain showers. It was beautiful to see the blue water and hear the crashing waves from the barges zooming past. I am certainly glad we did not wait for a better time- it was a great touch of Spring unexpected in an otherwise wintery day.

Make time to create fun moments and memories. You won't have any better time than today.
Happy times marching with the lions and the lambs.
Love you,

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