Sunday, December 21, 2008

projecting & old music

I have only two xmas cds - charlie brown & 'the edge of christmas,' with such classics as Fairytale of NY and Run Run Ruloph, which always reminds me of watching home alone with grandma sleeping next to the fire. projecting and projecting. getting caught in downtown parking nightmare. great that run-up to the haspedis holidays is still stressful, but usually inside with tea, calloused fingers, paint fumes, (bloody thumbs, etc.), instead of outside with the hordes, slamming into revolving doors. Was forced, at last, by eric to make caramels and smell the butter and burnt sugar of the holidays. while the rest of the family has snow around their shoulders, I am inside listening to wind tear at the skylights, wet and drearing days outside, pushing toward - not spinning, falling, landing softly on - christmas eve.

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