Tuesday, December 16, 2008

news from the icebox‏

So, I know you are curious as to how I am surviving the winter storm '08. As we are in our third day of below freezing highs and lows between 18 and 20 degrees, it is an adventure. The wood stove is working at full capacity night and day but that is the easy part. I get to be cozy indoors working on projects I enjoy but that is after I thaw out the rabbit and goat water and cozy up their shelters. The rabbits are enclosed in their hutch with the light on and cages covered. The girl goats are pretty cozy in their little shed and I put straw in the bath tub to keep the buck warmer. He has new tarp to stay dry and keep some of the wind out as well, so all is going pretty well. There is a small electric heater in the well house to keep those pipes from freezing and David wrapped the little outside bit last night to give extra insurance. It is always the shock of the first few days that throw things into a frenzy. Having 2 nights with water still running, I am feeling very relaxed today and even confident- or waiting for the shoe to fall? So, stay warm and dry and enjoy 'living with 4 seasons" ! See you soon for Holiday fun.

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