Friday, December 12, 2008

Open at your own risk...

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, this is it! I really am getting old. The years rush by so quickly that I can no longer distinguish the end of one from the beginning of another AND my knees creak when I run up and down the stairs. At least I can still run up the stairs when the phone calls me out of the garden, even if I choose to do it less often.

The blur of this year confuses my memory but what I remember makes me smile. The kids spread out around the world this year with international incident, so all is good. After a year and a half in London, Erin finished her Masters in Fashion Journalism. She left the gray skies of London, enjoyed a few months in Italy, then headed back to New York City to find a place in her profession. She has settled in Brooklyn, with friend Giancarlo joining her to learn English at a school there. While juggling demands of 3 jobs in the industry, she continues to see that one single job that will provide creative challenge AND pay the bills. She enjoys her new profession and is getting use to being a New Yorker again.

Washington D.C. still keeps Colin challenged and entertained. The Phoenix Bike Shop (noted as the Best of DC Bike Shops this year) continues to train young teens and challenge Colin's leadership skills. He and Susan are leading DC forward on bicycle and one turnip at a time. Susan's community garden found a new location this fall. She is keepthing things growing in vacant lots throughout the city. Despite their busy schedules, they were able to travel to Prague for a friend's wedding celebration, visit Utah for some skiing and play with us at the Lake.
Kyrsa and Dave logged the most miles this year. After buying a home and building a beautiful new deck, they said good-bye to Seattle to try out life in the Orient. Kyrsa was offered the opportunity to work 6 months in Singapore, so off they went in search of adventure. The crowded urban life of Singapore was quite a cultural change from Seattle's REI lifestyle. From a small aprtment near the Indian sector of Singapore, they explored all that island-city has to offer, including monkeys running wild in the parks. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia and even a visit to New York City to see Erin's new digs! Now back in Seattle and back at work, they are settling into Northwest rain. Dave is planning details for a winter back on the ski slopes to really feel at home. Their big complaint is that they missed the great snow last winter.

As for David and I, we really can't complain. David managed trips to New York and Washington DC. Fortunately, his job still pays his travel when he convinces them his presence is urgently needed on the East Coast; one of the many good reasons not to retire quite yet. As always, I enjoyed being in my garden and at my loom. I did a bit of substitute teaching just to earn a few pennies here and there, then spent them all travelling to the east coast myself. I was able to see Colin, Erin and my friend Carol (and of course many great art museums). Remembering the adventure keeps me smiling still. I love the trains, busses and subways; all manner of travel that releases me from the responsibility of driving and allows me to watch.

So there you have the Tulin Road saga for 2008. The goats and bunnies continue to give me something to spin. The garden does it's best to build up my hopes and dreams then dash them to the ground with black spot and mildew. Each year offers more ideas than time or energy and it is all pretty entertaining. I hope the year ahead holds lots of entertaining adventures for you too. Remember that I would love to hear from you. We are always excited to see visitors at our door. Come to Kingston and I will promise you a good meal, a warm bed, and maybe even a few small adventures.

Claudia & David

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