Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The count down begins

Advent calendar
Happy Advent one and all! Just like in days of old, we begin the count down to Christmas with anticipation and excitement. At my age, I also add anxiety, wondering if I can squish all my expectations into a few short weeks.

In any case, counting down gives me a perfect opportunity to share Christmas on Tulin Road with everyone who can't be here to have biscotti and wine on a cold wet afternoon and to see the chaos for yourself.

Counting down
The Advent season really starts at Thanksgiving in our family. This year we were together at Lynne's with Anita and Linda's aunt Inge. Dave and Kyrsa flew up and joined us from California which made it especially fun. We ate, drank and talked, enjoying being together to start the holiday season. On December first we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Kyrsa's baby girl with a very fun baby shower including all of Kyrsa's great girls. Being with great friends and a pregnant lady is the best way to start of the holiday.

But really, this is all about the "count down" and sharing the days as they evolve here in Kingston. SO - on the first day of Christmas the message is :" ...Joseph and Mary, his espoused wife, being great with child..." Pregnant!" yelled Ralph Herman. "I don't thing it's very nice to say Mary was pregnant," Alice whispered to me. "But she was," I pointed out. In a way, though, I agreed with her. It sounded too ordinary. Anybody could be pregnant. "I'm not suppose to talk about people being pregnant." Alice folded her hands in her lap and pinched her lips together. "I'd better tell my mother." "Tell her what?" from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Now, on with your day and remember it is the Christmas holiday to do something special for yourself and also include someone you love. This is a holiday to remember to share your love.

Love to you all,
Mama Llama

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