Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17 and Counting

With packages being mailed away, I feel like I am suddenly caught up and ready to enjoy the holiday season. That is always a false security but this weekend I sure made a good start at it.

In spite of storming winds and pelting rains, David and I set out to the Port Gamble Theater on Sunday afternoon to watch the local thespians play the Herdmans in the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever". It was a fun experience and a good holiday activity, matching well with the weekend of package wrapping and cookie baking.

There is nothing like spending the day baking, while the wind and rain swirl outside and visitors stop by to say hi. That last part was the real gift of the weekend. In the midst of baking in my old blue sweater and fleece pants, my great friends Lynnea and Linda stopped by to say hi. We don't often get to visit after Labor Day when Linnea moves back to Seattle. She brought with her a beautiful Swedish Yule Krantz which David dove into this morning for his breakfast. Leslie Nelson also stopped by with her wonderful homemade rolls and  stayed to share. Because of our divergent lives throughout the year, I recognize how important these old traditions with old friends have become. They serve to remind us all of the kindness and love that is out there in our lives, even when we aren't touching it.

So, my words of enlightenment for today are:  Follow old traditions and make new ones but always include the people you know and love even when you don't remember when you last saw them. Now I offer you the enlightened words of the Best Christmas Pagean Ever for the 17th of December:      
“That’s you, Leroy,” Ralph said, “and Claude and Ollie. So pay attention.”
“What does it mean, Wise Men?” Ollie wanted to know. “Were they like schoolteachers.”…
While we sang “What Child Is This?” the Wise Men were supposed to confer among themselves and then leave by a different door, so everyone would understand that they were going home another way. But the Herdmans forgot, or didn’t want to, or something, because they didn’t confer and they didn’t leave either. They just sat there, and there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it.
“They’re ruining the whole thing!” Alice whispered, but they weren’t at all. As a matter of fact, it made perfect sense for the Wise Men to sit down and rest, and I said so.

Now- sit down, smile, grab a cookie and rest!

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