Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE Luckiest Person in the World

WOW- Or in the the vocabulary of today OMG. What a great weekend I had and I hope everyone else did too. I am home now in the quiet of stormy winds and rain but I can still hear the voices and laughter of everyone in my ears. There are no words to say how much fun it was to be together at the most special place to us- Canon Beach. I don't know where to begin.

Although I suspected we might be meeting in Oregon, I was not sure until we were in the car driving down the road. I know my family is a tricky bunch and they could always be leaving a false trail. The setting for a family enclave was perfect-The Inn at Arch Cape. Little cabins circled around with fireplaces, kitchens, cozy beds and a beach cove for walking. Windy October storms where the icing on the cake.

My family is so amazing and generous and loving I don't even know where to start or what to highlight. Just being together with EVERYONE was really the best. Great food in our cozy spaces together; getting up to share coffee and walk on the beach; playing games in front of television sports, great food and great wine- it is like putting all the year of holidays into on weekend...and I even got presents (which was totally too much!)

As I look at the wonderful book of memories and adventures, I can't help but worry that I will now be accountable for ALL of my words. It really is not fair, as I have left such a trail of them with the full and heartfelt believe that no one would notice. Now I see they might be hiding somewhere in corners, waiting to catch me out. From know on I will have to be cautious in parceling out my epiphanies. Still, I recently heard someone say that we are defined by our choices. I believe this is true but I also believe there is great luck in where we are set down to begin life. I got very, very lucky on all counts. Thank you to all my family and the universe that put us all together -you are the very best part of living.

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