Monday, September 27, 2010

As It Looks Right Now

Autumn is here and as everyone who reads this knows, we are as likely to see our national bird in the sky over Tulin Road as we are to see it on currency. Still, Today was a really treat. On the run into town to pick up preserving supplies, I spied an young eagle sitting on the edge of the water, down at the slough. I pulled into the park and just watched him watch the world for several minutes until the youngster flew off into the backwoods to see if it offered better hunting. What a nice reminder of the beauty in our region.

Today we are reminded of why green surrounds us all year long- the veil of rain. With warm temperatures, I am off to gather art items for a printing project and a gluing  project -pictures later depending upon the success rate. Right now, a little proof of yesterdays efforts to stock pile the small fall garden harvest which is weighted heavily on the side of zucchini and chard. Yesterday I made pickles, relish and bread from the bountiful zucchini and still there are 4 medium large squash in my refrigerator. I also made a green tomato cake which was possitively reviewed by friends but only marginally successful in my book. I also made a great potato-chard ravioli. The filling will became gnocchi tonight. After all that time in the kitchen, today is a day for fun projects and maybe a walk on the beach if the rain stops.

But before I sign off, I will pass on a new study result. We all acknowledge that studies will say whatever the author want us to hear but this one I like. It seems that hugs, hand holding and other affectionate touching release chemicals in the body that reduce anxiety and stress! SO- do yourself a favor.Give all you friends and lovers hugs and  neck rubs. Shake hands when you meet people and endeavor to create positive physical bridges to improve your own health and reduce your levels of stress. There you have it- just like drinking wine and eating is all healthy living.

Have a great week ahead and live healthfully.

Love ,
Mama Llama

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