Monday, August 30, 2010

The Road Ahead

In another day I hit the road- I wonder if I can start my road trip novel like Jack Karawak? I will be attending the wedding of the year and visiting counter-culture farming groups so clearly there is material to be had.

In the meantime, Kyrsa and Dave will be packing up and saying good bye to Maple Leaf. Colin, Susan and I  will wave to Dave as we see him passing us on the highway, driving south to Healdsburg. It was great being part of their moving adventure for a couple of days and helped me feel the reality of changes ahead. I never envy anyone the act of packing, cleaning and moving but the adventure can not be topped for challenges and growth- in good ways. So, just a little shout out of support of Kyrsa and Dave on the journey ahead. I suspect there will be lots of other journeys, yet unknown; so everyone get ready and take lots of vitamins. Complacency is really not in the cards for any of us right now. We might as well expect the challenges and face them with enthusiasm. With the future unknown to us all, we might as well expect good outcomes. They are not less realistic and are much less frightening. Have fun this last week of real summer before Labor Day. Have wine on the patio, watch the sun shine on the water and remember that summer always comes around again. It will be here encouraging us onward with hope and excitement.

Have a great road trip through the rest of the year.
Mama Llama

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