Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Already August

It really is true that summer days are faster that any others. Every summer I repeat the same words- where has summer gone? BUT there have been lots doings so that can't be the problem. We had much fun at Lacey and Corey's wedding, old friends to see and a beautiful summer day in Kingston with a beach wedding-what is not to like. Katie Pichoute was the celebrant. When she pronounced the final words ..."with the power vested in me..." an involuntary giggle passed through the crowd. It was nice having Erin here working away from the coffee shop but still able to have a beach walk before dinner. I finished the blanket for Lacey and Corey this week and am happy with the result. It is an unusual but strong color group and is very soft. All of the mohair was carded and ready to spin at the beginning of the month which has inspired me to send off another few bags to Barry in Quilcene where wool goes in and soft roving ready to spin comes out- really such a treat to spin. Just too much fun to use without the lumps and bumps usually part of the process.

August will hold many fun times too with a trip to the lake in a week. I only hope to find real summer weather while we are there because low 70's just doesn't feel quite right. Since I haven't been sipping juleps on the porch I will share the recent project from Kingston.

The chickens were complaining about the size of their summer cabin so I gave them their own range. I added chicken wire to the south side of the raspberry bushes with a little gate at the end and voila- free range chickens that get locked in at night. This was a great solutions but for some reason the chickens seem to want  to hang right at the gate. The first day there was a mass escape but I plugged the hole and felt reasonable confident again. Yesterday the Little Red escaped again and to my chagrin, I discovered that she was flying over the gate. I returned her to the range only to note that Buffy was sitting in the peach tree. AGH! these stupid chickens!

Today it will all change- hopefully! I have watched UTUBE so am now an expert on clipping chickens wings. Here I go again! I will let you all know about the success there. As well as wing clipping, there are rabbits to clean and groom, roses to tend and maybe even stepping stones today, though that may be one project too many and push me into insanity. David and I are making a rare visit to the Angeline Bistro in Suquamish tonight to celebrate our anniversary. We have been married for 36 years and it must be a successful connection when all is said and done because we have 3 children that could not possible be better.

Have a wonderful August everyone and enjoy the moments as they meet you.

Mama Llama

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