Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras is Over

Did you eat pancakes last night- if not you can try again today just to start the Easter season right. Remember that regardless of faith connections and differences, life is best celebrated each season and this season we are preparing for Spring.

In the northwest this year it is particularly easy to celebrate Spring preparations because of our mild weather. Monday I stepped into my new boots and began garden clean-up in earnest. I even broke out the chocolate garden soap to keep my grimy fingernails clean(ish). Today the sun is shining and I plan to head out to the vegetable garden for the first time, so this will be a short hello to all just to remind you to celebrate the moments of each season.

There are always good reasons to keep busy but don't make yourself too important in the universal scheme of things. You are responsible for putting your best self forward into the world but you can not control the outcome or response .

For Lent, let's all try to think more about bringing happiness into the world and less about self-sacrificing. I think there is enough imposed sacrifice and suffering right now to more that meet the requirement. The world, small and large, needs a reminder that fun still exists, people still laugh and we are all important.

As our Lenten preparations for Spring (which will come to the East coast someday), let us all make time to mail a card to a friend, call someone and chat for a moment, take a walk to clear our heads, go to bed early and, most of all, realize that happiness is the best preparation for the joy that is Spring. Being a good person is being happy and sharing your happiness so despite the occasional obstacles in our paths and the walls blocking our view to the future, make Lent the time to pronounce happiness as our goal and share it.

Mother Theresa is quoted as saying: We can do not great things- only small things with great love. Let's try doing some small things for others with love and joy.

Happy pancake dinners.
Mama Llama

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