Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, for the most part anyway. I put most of the finishing touches on the a-frame this morning including the fumigating finish. Plumbing is completed, the wall is built and the refrigerator has electricity. Holes are spackled, crevasses are caulked and the floor has been swept and vacuumed one hundred times at least. It was a long haul but I am glad to have it completed before the new month starts. If you want to check out the posting on Craig's list, here is the address .

Otherwise just take a gander at these pictures and imagine me listening to books on tape while I hammer away. Look forward to my normal rambling missives in the coming month because many thoughts have, of course, been flowing through my mind as I work. Too bad there is no dam to stop the flow so they just run like rapids into the sea but who knows when some bottle with a message might flow back.

Have a great week ahead.
Mama Llama

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