Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top Ten of the Summer

Top Ten Things That Can Fit Into Your Hand And That I Ate On The Road Trip Across The Country (in no particular order)

  • Kyle ’s espresso in Jackson, Wyoming

  • Good good beers in Greenlake, Seattle

  • Raw chicken gizzard at Glynwood Center, Hudson River Valley, NY

  • Doughnuts from Sultan Bakery, Hwy 2, Washington

  • Charcuterie at Barb’s (devilled eggs, great cheese, salami, pink wine, etc.)

  • Crab legs from the tanks at Central Market, eaten on the porch

  • Italian plums (which I was picking in my dream last night) from the tree by the pond, Kingston, washington

  • Chamomile ice cream & the best kind of birthday cake a boy could ever want (angel food), at the Lake

  • Wintergreen lifesavers, to keep you alert on the road, on the road

  • Huckleberry milkshake from Victor Emporium, Victor, Idaho

now, what are your top ten of the summer?

1 comment:

  1. Great challenge! I am thinking and working on my answer as I write. Remembering summer makes me smile and look into the Fall with hope of more smiles!
    Mama Llama