Tuesday, October 6, 2009

half way there and still going

It is hard to believe we have finished the first week of October!! I can't keep up the pace if October is going to keep me moving at this rate. As you all know, David and I started the month in Spokane for Lisa and Erik's wedding. It was a very nice evening celebrating a couple very well matched and very gracious. I enjoyed visiting with Deb and Vic, Gary's brother and sister-in-law, and Grace, Gary's mother. It was unfortunate that Phloris could not be there because I know she would have loved it. She and Grace are good friends.

On returning to the west side of the mountains, David headed for San Diego and I headed home to start the "cork tile" project. It was now or never! Monday morning I moved furniture around to one side of the house and ran up to the rent-it center to get the 100 pound floor roller. Starting on the bridge by the door, I worked my way forward to the bedroom. Half way through the bridge I realized I really needed to get the tiles rolled before evening, so rather than wait for the return of neighbors I hauled the roller upstairs, doing leg presses at each stair-step. There were a few moments of worry when I thought I might tip head-over-heels and end up flying thought the door at the bottom of the stairs but I made it upstairs. I cut, laid and rolled the rest of the bridge, 2 closets and the middle of the bedroom. I finished by 11:30 pm with every muscle ready to go to bed. After washing tools and myself, I took Duffy outside and ... wait for it...locked myself out of the house!

Do we have and extra key outside? NO! Fortunately it was a full moon and a clear sky so I could see to get the ladder and climb over the upper deck. I threw myself over the deck because of course I am too short to put my leg over. Fortunately I fell onto the deck and not backwards into the rhododendrons. Always an adventure.

Today I rested! Picked Asian pears, dried fruit and looked at bathroom sinks at Loews. I think I am ready to finish the second half tomorrow. Not to worry though. I put a key outside!

Keep accepting new challenges! Where is the fun in doing what you already know?

Love, Mama Llama

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