Sunday, September 27, 2009


I just want to say that I have had the best birthday week ! I gave myself permission to spend a fun day Friday playing in the kitchen because Kyrsa and Dave were coming for tapas and wine on Saturday. Since I was cooking and cleaning, I also got to drink a glass of wine in the afternoon so I could pretend to be Julia Childs.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day, more like late summer. Kyrsa and Dave came over with a big bouquet of flowers. We sat outside and enjoyed first-course tapas with Spanish wine and Dogfish beer. As the temperatures fell, we moved inside for the second-course of tapas and more Spanish wine, followed by cups of espresso and meringues topped with roasted fruit and creme anglaise.

The full Tapa Menu included: grilled bruschetta with mozzarella and roast tomatoes, Spanish olives, fava bean spread and pita chips, roasted pears wrapped in prosciutto, gazpacho, mixed greens with avocado, Italian potato salad, fresh crab and cocktail sauce, meatballs in saffron sauce, pork cubes in peach sauce, and meringues with roased fruit and creme anglaise for dessert.Now, today, I have a beautiful day to do what ever I wish, in a clean house filled with flowers. I had dessert for breakfast with coffee and read in rocking chair. If only I can keep this plan going for 12 more months! Enjoy your days as they come, each one new and full of opportunities to choose to smile. The mantra for the coming year:
You choose how you see yourself and the world around you and are able to change that world by your vision.
Let's all make good choices out there! (Smile)
Love, Mama Llama

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