Monday, May 20, 2013

Is it already Memorial Day?

Wow! I can not believe I last wrote in March!! That can't be possible because I had a wonderful visit to California with Kyrsa, Dave and Edie and with Colin and Susan as well.As usual, time has gotten away with me and I am not even going to try to catch up.

Edie in the Magic Sleep Suit
A walk in the Plaza

Today I experienced re-entry that follows a great vacation- 10 days on the East Coast with wonderful weather and wonderful adventures. I usually have a long list of "to-sees" and this time was no different.The "extreme" adventure began with car rental for the first 6 days. After arriving on the red-eye from Seattle, I drove to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx in Friday morning traffic! It was a warm, sunny day so I knew it was finally time for this long awaited excursion. My inadequate photography try to recall the beauty but my words would not have a chance. As well as gardens and eco-systems, there was an incredible sculpture exhibit in the garden.

Water Garden
Fern Sculpture
Ferns in Conservatory
NYBG Garden Sculptures
Saturday was a day of errands, including a trip to the Bedford-Sty Home Depot and a drive to Redhook. To reward ourselves for our perseverance, Erin and I made time for manis-pedis, including eyebrow threading, We were preparing for a fabulous birthday meal with Wendy and Tom McCarthy and Wendy's mom, Leslie. I feel I have known Leslie since she started inviting Erin to Thanksgiving dinner, back in Santa Barbara Days, but this was our first real meeting. I hope there will be lots more.

Leslie Merry and C

Sunday, Erin and I ventured north towards the Hudson River Valley to visit the Storm King Sculpture Park. It is more than 30 acres of lawns, streams, trees and huge sculpture pieces, some moving pendulously in the wind. The day was sunny, windy and perfect for exploring this incredible space. If you find time for a visit, be sure and bring a picnic.

Monday was Fair Day- Frieze Art Fair- an international show of contemporary art held on Randall Island. We took the water taxi from mid-town, up the middle of the Hudson River beyond Harlem. Again the weather was our friend. We looked at so much art, had rejuvenating treats and wished we had tons more time to do all the projects in our heads! I hope I can remember one or two of the 2000 ideas I had while there.
Frieze Sculpture Piece
Balloon Dog

Randall Island Vista

Without giving a minute by minute replay, I will say we had dinners with fabulous friends and even cooked some ourselves with ingredients with the great new Italian grocery (Eatily) on 23rd and Broadway. If you are up that way, stop in for a noch. You can walk around the store with your glass of wine!!! They also have little eating spaces for pizza, desserts, gelato, cheese and salumi, etc. etc. etc. Just the wine is worth a rejuvenating stop.

Erin in her OFFICE
As always, I found time to visit my dear friend Carol and her husband Jim, in Avon. They are great friends. We enjoy our annual time to catch up and talk about the world as we fit into it.With a fast trip back to NYC to return the car first thing in the morning, I was once again on foot. I made it to the Met and the Museum of Art and Design. I walked the crazy streets of Manhattan, the Union Square Farmers Market  full of Spring with so much great food and flowers you can hardly believe it is NYC, the food trucks gathered on 25th and Broadway to tempt anyone who EVER eats! So much to see and so many great people to meet and revisit. The weather blessed me this visit and has held for the last day or so on my return.
Brunch at home
Kitchen workers on Ainslie

Now that I am back on Tulin Road, I know I will have to pay! Today I spent the afternoon securing the hen house for our departure to the lake on Thursday. The young hens need to get out of the basement.  If anything can get in there NOW, I give up! There are weeds everywhere but I know I have all summer to fight, so am trying not to panic. My best thoughts and hopes for sunshine and the beginning dreams of summer go out to all of you. Memorial Day is early this year and I hope summer dreams are too.

Love as always,
Mama Llama

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