Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home again, home again jiggedy jig

After a lovely week visiting wee Eiden, I am home again in Kingston. Everything seems to have survived and thrived without me. All the chickens, goat and rabbits are well. We arrived to wet weather and are already missing the sunshine of California as well as everyone there.
I spend a lovely first week with baby Eiden, new mom and dad. Kyrsa and Dave are already doing a great job of parenting but are quickly learning the feelings of worry the accompanies the world of parenting. Edie is strong and is doing all the things a baby should- eating, popping and sleeping. It really isn't a bad life as far as she can see. Her dark little eyes look out into the world occasionally with an air of question and discerning. I think she is wondering if it is worth her while to wake or if things will be more entertaining late on. It should be noted that night seems the most interesting time to Edie so that gives her parents fair warning of the future.
After a nice time getting to know Eiden and enjoying Healdsburg with daily walks into town and some brush clipping, David and I drove to Oakland to hang out with Colin and Susan for the weekend. We had a great adventure into Golden Gate Park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Oh- I guess the rest of the Bay area residents thought is was a great place to be too! But either Susan or Colin had great parking karma and we found a spot allowing us to pop into the DeYoung Art Museum and see some great exhibits including one on Rudolph Nureyev, his dance and his costumes with Margot Fontaine. Really Extraordinary! We got to know Oakland a little and had a very fun Brunch with Susan, Colin and friends in their cozy and wonderful home. You can try to duplicate the sumptuous fare with the recipe posted but I bet you wont be able to match the company and fun conversations.
So, here I am home again with lots of  projects in my mind and on my lists. That is what makes the days fun! I am back in school occasionally because we don't want to let those students feel comfortable and happy with their days and handing out as SAM for the same reasons.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone including lots of hugs and wished for an interesting and successful winter that will soon turn into Spring (okay, so you folks in California can hardly tell the difference- humor the rest of us!)
Love,  Mama Llama

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