Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beginning with June

In a very few days it will be the first official day of summer. Some in California think summer began before Memorial Day with hot days and bright sun. Even the East Coast has enjoyed warm, sunny weather bringing out sundresses and sandals.

Porch Vista
Here in Kingston we are lucky to take off our sweaters by midday but recently we did see the sun for an entire day and felt a little warm as well. I took the opportunity to chronicle this experience and share is with you so that you can imagine being here with me on a warm, sunny day when everything is blooming and growing.

Mary Feasting
We start on the porch looking over at Tulin Road.We see the flower garden below and the goats feasting in the pasture that Bucky use to eat down.

MY fig tree

As we walk down the stairs, we pass the figs trees and the rose garden, both striving to survive to see warm weather.

Deers haven't  eaten these yet

Table by the pond
We take in the patio by the pond and the flowers in bloom, including the clematis that is covering the winter chicken pen is lovely pink blossoms.

Clematis bursting out all over
pond lilies and iris

Now we venture to where no one ever goes- the far side of the pond where we discover some rhododendrons mixing with clematis on the neighbors fence. That encourages us all the way around to the backside to say hello to Duffy and the chickens.

Neighbors gate
Chickens are always curious or hungry

Duffy guarding the fenceline

The final leg of our walk takes us through the vegetable garden and out the garden gate. Back in the house we enjoy the results of our walk by putting together a little bouquet of our gardens bounty. And there you have it, just as though you had paid a personal visit to Tulin Road.  You can imagine the walk anytime you want, without the rain, bugs, slugs or powdery mildew to diminish the perfections.

A little disjointed but you get the idea.
Wish you were here.
Early lilies and hopeful crops
Hoop garden still growing
Garden Gate
Bringing the garden home
Mama Llama

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