Saturday, November 12, 2011

... And I'm already home!

Since I am still a little on New York time, I thought I would write before life becomes far too busy. It is November, after all. Soon there will be holidays to celebrate, great food, friends and family to enjoy and where will the time have gone?

Manhattan from Brooklyn
That is entirely how I feel about my week in Brooklyn. Where did the time go? There was great food every where I turned. We even discovered a few new places. There were old friends to see and Erin introduced me to new friends. It was a fun look into the craziness that is her life but with glorious weather and excursions to see great art.

High Line Walk
I did lots of walking in just a "wandering" manner but also saw the great De Koenig exhibit at MOMA, as well as some great parts of their standing shows. Erin and I took in an exhibit of Arthur Stieglitz and his artists. It was a great and inclusive show and worth seeing several times. There were other bits and pieces: a show at FIT displaying the collection of Daphne Guinness, a style icon since the 60's . The couture was astounding and all the more so pared with the standing collection of woman's sportswear through the century. Lost of fun! I also took in the anniversary collection at the Neue Galleria- some Klimt and Matisse with fun textiles form the Middle Ages, as well.

It was with some trepidation that I rented a car again for a weekend drive to Silver Spring, Maryland to visit Marjorie and Jamie. (Jason was out of town or we would have visited him as well.) It was great meeting Jamie, who really is just a cute and amazing as I had heard. He is an advertisement for parenthood but could be charged with fraud because he is not a typical baby boy- too good-natured and cute.
Walking in Silver Spring
We walking in the fall leaves and relaxed in the Maryland peace. It was a wonderful visit and felt like being home.

So, now I am home. I had such a great time to refresh my energy and to understand a little more about the life of a Brooklyn working girl with wonderful friends and lots of commitments.

Really, it is not so bad! Lots of energy especially on warm November days, but isn't that always the case in New York? Oh- I guess I did just miss the October snow storm! Well, it was good luck for me and a wonderful visit. For now, good bye to New York and Thanksgiving here we come.

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