Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It all goes so fast!

Felting by the bay
It is the same old story- summer flies by and we never get enough of it. Still, the month of August did prove we in Seattle can feel the sun, even if we have to go to Idaho. I feel a short flash back is in order to help us all remember the good times .

New look for the screen door
Lots of  projects - new adventures there that keep the neighbors guessing.
Professional Floaters
Lake rats

But best of all there was time to play in the sun at the lake. Kyrsa and Dave made it out for a short, long weekend and the sun was there as well so we had lots of laughter. Dave was taken to task by the resident lake-rat for his alumni status at WSU. He showed his restraint by not  throwing Cameron in the lake. 

Dock time
Did Lynne make that putt?

Erin was out for a bit longer and Amy joined us for her annual  dock visit. Since she could not entertain us with water sports, she showed us how to control the bat population. THAT was classic lake!

Lynne and Linda  played Mexican Train with us, some golfing kept Anita in shape...

and still there was lots of time for the regular lake sport of dock reading and wine drinking ! Even working at the lake is NOT so bad.

This is really what summer is all about and for that we have to say, we are the luckiest family around.

The past year has been full of changes and challenges for everyone. I think we are all a little weary from the effort but time at the lake helps replenish our spirits and prepare us for the year ahead. My offered mantra for the coming months is this:
     Say what you want out loud- put your hopes into the world energy and they will gather strength.

I hope the summer continues to treat us all well- there is a little more so we must take the time to enjoy it fully. Even though the clouds are back in Kingston, there are still raspberries on the bushes and lots of time to be in the garden and on the beach, so that is where I plan to be.

Good times and laughter to all. Enjoy the moments.
Mama Llama

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