Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime and Easy living?

Happy beginning of a new week to you all and a reminder that this is the LAST week of school. Some of you still get a reminder that life is seasonal and summer is a special time set aside for play. For those of you who have busy lives that do not change seasonally, remember back to that amazing feeling of hope the overtook the first days of summer vacation, when no school days interrupted your choices. Make time for play and for just relaxing with a Popsicle and a good book.
Anita relaxing on Memorial day with a good fire

For me, that seems like it could be everyday but somehow isn't. This week we did have some pleasant weather so David and I  had a quick excursion to Quilcene for harvesting clams and oysters- it WAS feel fishing day across the state don't you know. After that it was a day for garden projects that now seem to never end and are never complete. I discovered last week that my list of projects never includes that ones I actually complete. How can that be? That is just the way of a home and garden slave.

Not Siberian but still beautiful
Saturday I stopped by the Peony Farm at the top of Tulin Rd. The peonies are late this year so there were only a few in bloom, along with the Siberian iris. The sad news is that the Peony Farm is closing. After 10 years, the owners have decided to retire from their 3rd retirement activity. They are selling all their plants and I was lucky to stop by because the plants are being dug in the fall but being reserved and paid for now. Of course I had to chose 6 beauties, as well as some Siberian iris. Both are not appealing to deer so are planned for the A-frame garden. I planted the iris this weekend and prepared the space for the peonies. It will self-decompose during the summer making easy work for planting in the fall. That was exciting and made me feel more enthused to get back to the flowers and sprinklers in the big gardens. I think I need an unpaid intern to keep this place in check!

This week is full of project hopefuls- a new silk blouse for summer, a decorative screen for the front door, repaired rabbit cages and recharged sprinkler systems. All this are in accompaniment with the garden weeding, harvesting and eating. Oh the woes of summer with long days and creative urges to fill. Not a bad life and there is no reason that I deserve its bounty but I am thankful to have the fun of it.
Memorial Day at the lake-not tree!

I hope you are all having some fun as well as you create moments and days with some laughter and smiles. You deserve every happy moment.

Love you all,
Mama Llama

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