Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Sky is Falling

It is hard to believe that I have been home for more than 2 weeks. Where does the time go? Here in Kingston the garden and the loom have been the biggest usurpers of my time. The weeds are growing despite or because of the pouring rain. The worst part is my continued efforts to add more garden space rather than less. Somehow my brain can not compute the space/time ratio correctly. I guess all the days teaching "everyday math" classes isn't helping me much.

The temperatures are low even for the Pacific Northwest but on the good side, the lilacs and rhodies are lasting longer than usual. They are always my favorite harbinger of Spring. The Spokane Lilac festival marked the beginning of warm weather in my youth so lilacs continue to hold all kinds of good omens for me.

David made his annual pilgrimage to Spokane for the Bloomsday Race giving me three days to myself to start the BIG project! I have been putting off the chicken tractor but this last weekend it all started. The Chicks are growing through adolescence. They will soon be ready to head into the big world, outside the basement. It can't be soon enough because they are sending dust to every possible surface. It will take me a week to clean once they are gone. I am just thankful they are finally out of the kitchen!!

The chicken tractor grew much larger than expected due to my own machinations, but I hope all will be manageable when I add the removable wheels! Why do I imagine these projects will work? By the time I had hauled, sawed, pounded and tweaked for 48 hours, my hand was paralyzed into a claw. Only Tiger Balm and a handful of aspirin made it possible to weed on Sunday.

I am going to keep the final product a mystery for a little longer- this weekend will be painting and final touches including chicken wire and chickens, so watch closely for next week's posting. The unveiling is scheduled for Sunday. I want the chicks in their new home for a week before David and I head to Canada to celebrate his birthday with a little get-away.

In the meantime, I am working the next 2 weeks in the high school which is simultaneously great and wretched. I have too much I want to accomplish at home, to include working! On that front, I had another funny experience from the subbing world. Picking up fresh eggs at the Suquamish farmer's market, the young man running the garden booth asked "Is you last name Dixon?".
I immediately wanted to say "NO- and I have no children" but in a weak moment admitted to the fact. He recalled that I had been his substitute at CK! There is no place to hide for the wicked.

On that note, be well and have a great week. Build a great year by remembering that each day is the best day of this year.

Mama Llama

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  1. I am waiting with baited breath for photos of the chix tractor! I can't even IMAGINE what that will look like :)